About Us
About Us
Brings Wellness, Beauty & Wealth to Every Family Worldwide!
Gratitude. Gratefulness. Be the Master of Your Own Life!
Build SOQI to be a global leading brand.
Our Experience
Chi Machine Research - 38 years
HTE TAIWAN - 29 years
HTE USA - 25 years
SOQI Concept - 11 years
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HTE Americas

HTE announced its first-generation Chi Machine, also known as the Healthy Oxygen Machine, in 1990. It immediately became a hot health trend and, in the following 28 years, we expanded our global distribution network in Asia to America, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

After years of research, Gorden C.H. Pan, Founder and Chairman of HTE, developed very unique products for the home and office including the Chi Machine®, Ceramic Heater™, Advanced ERE®, E-Power, Nutrition Supplements, and the concept of “SOQI Total Health Management.” This unique system of Motion, Thermal, Electric and Nutritional Energy has been shown to improve the quality of life.

HTE introduced itself to the United States in 1993, establishing corporate headquarters in New York. In 2004 we established the HTE Americas Headquarters and Sales Office in L.A to serve more distributors and customers. Our products not only improve health, they offer our family members an opportunity to earn a residual income on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Founder
The Founder
We believe that “SOQI Life” is the solution for today’s hectic lifestyles. It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining overall good health with relaxing and soothing Far Infrared Heat (Ceramic Heater), Negative Potential Energy (E-Power) and healthy Reflexology (Advanced ERE) along with the gentle movement of the Chi Machine. Moreover, you’ve got the answers to your health concerns with HTE’s Nutritional Product, BetaGlucan. The results are similar to Chi Kung (“Energy Exercise”) which is known to give the body a balanced feeling of good health.

Bringing wellness, beauty and wealth to every family in the world!

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