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SOQI Multi-Energy Approach! Inspired by the concept of energy healing and a “back to nature” approach, the SOQI Multiple Energy Approach serves as your gateway to improved health.

iSOQI Bed (Bluetooth)


Smarten Up For Home Healthcare!

First, we upgrade the SOQI Bed by installing a “smart brain” to it. There is a new Central Control Unit with built-in Bluetooth and operational App on the SOQI Bed which interacts with your smart phone or tablet PC and allows “one click operation”.

Health . Relaxation . Rejuvenation


Combines the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more with a unique iSOQI Bed App.

7 Presets –

There are 7 preset modes (including a manual mode) available to satisfy your need in health.

Custom mode –

In addition, the new Bluetooth-ready iSOQI EMD is also now available for purchase (sold separately). The new iSOQI EMD will provide the energy test reading reports, analysis and recommendations (with custom mode #). You can later type the custom mode # to your iSOQI Bed App and enjoy the SOQI Bed in home with programs individually customized just for you.

Smarten Up For Home Healthcare!

Technical Parameters

Power supply:AC110-120V/50-60HZ

Rated Power:1000W

Dimensions:86"(L)x38"(H)x41"(W) / 2200(L)x970(H)x1060(W) mm

Weight:Approx 138 lbs/63 Kg (Bed Body); 202 lbs/92 Kg (Bed Body and Devices)

Bringing wellness, beauty and wealth to every family in the world!

Bringing wellness, beauty and wealth to every family in the world!

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