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Waist Support Large
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Support Your Back and Improve Your Posture!

Size: Large (33" - 37")

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Product Information

SOQI Waist Support

Over 27 years of experience in back support product, New developed waist belt.

All Products are made in Taiwan.


1. Bio ceramic rubber slices:

Using your own body temperature to activate heat to enhance healing process.

- Better Flexibility

- Longer Heat Retention

- Increase heat efficiency by larger coverage

2. Ergonomic design:

Double layers Elastic band

- Fit all body shape
Maintain body posture

3. Back Support -

Special plastic material with memory feature – sustain to its shape after each administration.

4. Top grade accessories -

*For durability with great comfort.

  • Enhanced stitching and knitting area on the waist support, the threads will not fall off and lasting longer

  • Upgrade to heavy-duty Velcro for connect area, practical and durable

  • Special Design, with exquisite material providing better ventilation for your body

5. Product distinguishing feature –

Variety of sizes, suitable for your needs

Variety of sizes, suitable for your needs.

Increased width of the waist band, add more protection for your lumbar and vertebra.


Waist 23-27 inches


Waist 28-32 inches


Waist 33- 37 inches


Waist 38-43 inches


Waist 44-52 inches

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