Total Slimming is Your Solution!

What is the Slimming Spa?

Products Utilized:
HotHouse, A-ERE, Body Profile, A-Wrap, Total Health Formula, Go Green

Eliminate body fat and say goodbye to excess “flab” so you can look and feel your best! Wouldn’t it be nice to slide into that old pair of pants or perhaps dig out one of your favorite bathing suits? SOQI Total Slimming is a unique and original approach to total body sculpting and weight loss.

The SOQI Total Slimming package utilizes electric energy, thermal energy, metabolically enhanced topical lotion and high quality dietary nutritional supplements.

HotHouse – Thermal Energy

The HotHouse™ produces its unique effect through radiant Far Infrared heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal-effect. Experience total enjoyment and relaxation! Easy to use and very comfortable, experience the extraordinary benefits behind Far Infrared! Learn More...

Advanced ERE – Electric Energy

The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer (Advanced ERE™) is an instrument that helps balance the body’s energy levels. When there is pain in the body there is electrical resistance, meaning the electrical signals between cells are suppressed. Consistent use of the Advanced ERE™ can help restore a balanced state of energy throughout the body. Learn More...

Body Profile – Skin Care

Body Profile is a fully researched and highly effective fat-loss formula with Guarana, Cinnamon, Ginger and Capsicum. These unique ingredients easily penetrate your skin to reactivate blood circulation, reduce water retention and cellulite. Also, it enables your skin to regain its silky smoothness and firmness. Learn More...

Total Health Formula – Nutritional Supplement

Using Total Health Formula is simply a way to get your healthy dose of nutrients and enzymes you need from whole foods in one convenient form. Total Health Formula is made from the freshest, highest quality of 102 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Learn More...

Go Green - Nutritional Supplement

Go Green is designed to energize, revitalize, alkalinize, cleanse, facilitate mental energy, support a healthy immune system and much more… Go Green consists of a well balanced blend of 77+ quality ingredients for your daily diet. Balance your pH and balance your body with Go Green! Learn More...

Advanced ERE Body Profile Total Health Formula Go Green

Standard Operation Procedure of Total Slimming
Step By Step

*Measure 3 inches from your belly button
*three fingers above belly button
*three fingers below belly button
Place A-ERE pads on areas you wish to slim, set to mode 3 for 15 minutes.
Apply Body Profile on the area where you wish to slim and massage for 10 minutes with Palm Massager.
Wrap and cover your stomach with plastic wrap. Wrap around 3 times.
Use HotHouse for 30 minutes.
Using scissors, safely remove plastic wrap, then use towel to clean up. Follow step 1, then take concluding measurements.
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