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Not Your Ordinary Heating Pad

The SOQI Pad can rapidly generate high temperatures thanks to the latest high-tech heating ceramics. The highest temperature can reach up to 131°F.

The SOQI Pad can be used on the shoulders, waist, back buttocks, abdomen and legs. The soothing heat will provide warmth to the body.

Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative technology which achieves and maintains consistent temperature for maximum results.

  • Soft machine-washable cover for easy care

  • Well made and durable

  • Portable and easy to use

  • Ideally designed to work on most areas of the body.


The FIR Pad is Easy and Convenient!

HTE has thought of every detail to make the SOQI Pad a product that can be used with confidence by people of all ages.

- Easy to unlock - just press any key for 1 second.

- Selection from 1 – 60 minutes of heat - just press the (T+) and (T-) keys.
- Temperatures in °C and °F are displayed on the screen simultaneously.

- Choose from (20-55°C or 68-131°F) with the (up °C) and (down °C) keys.
- Taking care of your SOQI Pad is easy - thanks to the removable cover!


Technical Parameters:

No.: HM-518
AC Voltage: 110V-120V
Export Power: 230W+20%

Frequency: 50-60Hz


Range of temperature: 68℉/20℃ ~ 131℉/55℃


SOQI Pad-2.jpg


Caution: When used by senior citizens, children or disabled persons, the FIR Pad should be used with proper observance by someone else. The temperature should also be watched carefully!