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Body Profile

       Shape your figure!
All natural plant formula!

Can’t find the perfect body sculpting product? The Body Profile is the perfect solution for you!


Aqua/ caffeine/ polyglycerylmethacrylate/ dimethicone/ Algae extract/ Zedoary Oil/ Ginger Oil/ Cinnamon Oil/ 1,3 butylene glycol/ glycerine/ mineral oil/ triethylene amine / Peg-4 olivate/ Cetearyl glucoside / carnitine / POE-25 Glyceryl monosearate / Glyceryl monosearate/ Camphor powder/ carbomer/ Isoceteth-20/ polyacrylamide, c13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7 / hydroxyethyl/ cellulose/ Methyl Paraben/ capsicum/ propyl paragen/ potassium glycyrrhyzinate.

Using the Body Profile:

• Use it after waking up in the morning or before taking a shower in the evening.

• First, put desired amount of Body Profile in your palms and then apply it to the parts of your body where you would like to work on and massage in a circular motion.

• The skin will absorb the Body Profile easily; no need to wash it off the skin.