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The Chi Machine® Therapeutic Massager is the culmination of 38 years of research and development by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a medical  visionary and the developer of the world renowned Chi Machine. 

The Chi Machine® Therapeutic Massager helps virtually anyone locally relax muscles with little or no conscious effort. Simply recline your body, facing the ceiling, with both feet placed in the specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine® rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle undulating motion.

The patented precision design of this innovative medical device utilizes optimum body positioning to achieve the ultimate in local muscle relaxation. This design also provides temporary relief from minor muscular aches due to overexertion. Dr. Inoue spent decades researching the relationship between body movement and minor muscular pain   and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. He was inspired by watching goldfish swim. Dr. Inoue theorized that perhaps the steady undulating movement causes a massaging effect upon the body of the fish. He wondered whether the same effect would be achieved, if humans were able to imitate the movements of a fish.  Engineers took his basic concept and created the technical design for The Chi Machine®.

The pattern of motion that the machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results,” says Dr. Inoue. “It relaxes muscles locally, temporarily increases our comfort, adds temporary relief to minor tension in muscles from fatigue or overexertion. It can also increase our sense of comfort, through the temporary relief of minor muscle pain and aches, due to fatigue or overexertion.”